Jamison Moore

End to end media production, from concept to delivery… and cookies.

Media and creative services, from concept to final delivery. My focus is end to end dialogue production, with an emphasis on powerful workflows and great results. If you’re interested in working together, or just want to chat, get in touch.


A focus of my recent work has been developing tools and workflows to improve production quality while reducing turn around time, both for dialogue and video production. Analyzing steps in the ICT’s dialogue process showed me where I could improve as an engineer, editor, and producer. Our VO director and I drilled session techniques, timed pages of dialogue, and reworked our studio setup to provide the best environment we could for our actors, while saving time in the booth. We’re now producing better dialogue faster, cheaper, and with less busy work. We’re also doing more of it, encouraging projects to fully voice their systems, and banish TTS to where it belongs.

On the video side, ffmpeg is magical, amazing, and can be incredibly fun when you have a 24 node render farm to run experiments with. I helped automate video post production for projects like “New Dimensions in Testimony” and its spin-offs, taking production time down from months per survivor to weeks. Read more…