Jamison Moore's Obligatory Presence

I used to do one thing. Now I do another. Come for the FFmpeg, stay for the PowerShell


Jamison Moore

tl; dr: I solve problems, mostly with typing, scripting, or baking.

Howdy, I’m a technical project manager, focused on web and media projects, from initial concept to final delivery. Whether it’s a quick site to demo your product or a cross domain effort that spans from copy to games and location based installations, I’ve probably done it, and I can do it for y’all. If you’re interested in working together, or just want to chat, get in touch.

I’m a reformed dialogue producer for serious games who got roped into running a couple of projects, and things got out of hand from there. I’ve built warehouse sized training environments and systems that sit on the corner of your website. I’ve spent weeks climbing through speed rail and months locked in the studio recording, editing, and implementing dialogue. I like automating workflows and delivering early. Read more…


Sometimes I write about dialogue production, training software, or FFmpeg.